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September has been designated as Pain Awareness Month by the American Chronic Pain Association. Pain is a physiological process that has existed since the dawn of time. It serves useful functions. A sore knee tells us that maybe we are jogging too much. As a result, we modulate our activity, and the pain usually subsides. There are a few arcane medical conditions in which the body’s pain response is lacking, with negative consequences.(Pain Management in Rego Park)

One such malady is a tangible nerve breakdown, called “neuropathic joint,” or Charcot joint, after the French neurologist who depicted this condition almost two centuries prior. People who feelrego-rehab-treating-chronic-pain-in-opioid-crisis-pain-management-in-rego-park-9-6-17 no feeling of torment step by step annihilate their own particular joints. A comparable marvel exists among those with “inborn detachment to torment.” Most of us, certainly, comprehend that transient torment, as with a lower leg sprain, requires forceful treatment. What do we do if the agony does not leave? How would we oversee perpetual torment that waits for quite a long time or years, making us hopeless? That issue keeps on vexing human services suppliers, especially as we ponder an opioid mishandle scourge.

The death rate for opioid analgesics and illicit opioids reached 19,000 in 2015 with overdoses approaching the death rate of that due to motor vehicle crashes. Dr. Howard Marcus, who wrote an article on this subject for The Doctor’s Advocate, a publication of the Doctor’s Company, said the United States consumes 99 percent of the world’s hydrocodone. Marcus points out there are enough prescriptions for opioids to equal the number of adults in the country, with 9 million Americans taking these potent pain-killers on a long-term basis.(Pain Management in Rego Park)

We also see 60 percent of our citizens harboring leftover opioids in their medicine cabinets, 20 percent sharing these medications, and 38 percent of teenagers misusing these drugs. It is little wonder that everyone from the president to the surgeon general is raising an alarm with regard to an opioid crisis in America. When we reach 60, about 80 percent of us will manifest some degenerative arthritis on X-ray analysis. Chronic pain also rears its ugly head with back strains, migraine headaches and a host of other conditions.

Opioids, which historically represent treatment for severe pain or end-of-life related pain, are an option in some cases. These drugs, related to morphine and heroin, may result in drug dependence issues over time. Side effects exist including sedation and increased risk of falling. Anti-inflammatory drugs, or acetaminophen, represent possible alternatives.

Exercise, within the context of a comprehensive pain management program, can also be very constructive. I have observed a group class at a local fitness center designed specifically for elders with limited mobility. There is some evidence that non-Western exercise modalities, such as tai chi or yoga, are helpful for low back pain and other ailments. If it helps, why not try it?

The only real concern would be the potential for problems in individuals who are unable to exercise due to underlying health problems, such as poorly controlled hypertension, recent eye surgery or advanced heart disease. Low-impact endeavors are easier on joints. “Start low, and go slow” is a reasonable approach.(Pain Management in Rego Park)

If you have old prescriptions for narcotics, you can dispose of them at so-called “take back centers.” Tossing them in the garbage or down the drain is currently frowned upon. We do not want drugs to go astray or to pollute our waterways. The conversations with pain-sufferers typically revolve around improving function. Diminishing pain back by about 50 percent, as well, may be reasonable.

Rego Rehab would like to wish everyone “Happy Pain Awareness Month,” if you are suffering from any pain, we can help you manage it at Rego Rehab, the right way.

(Pain Management in Rego Park)

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